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Commercial and Residential environmentally friendly Restoration and Cleaning Services
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Welcome to Green Restoration​
We are proven leaders in property damage, restoration and cleaning services. Everything we do is done with excellence and integrity. We have a simple mission; provide safe, innovative solutions for safe cleaning and restorations and make the earth better.

Our team is passionate about the earth. We share the home we love with 8.7 million other species and recognize each individual’s role as a caretaker. Though humans are the youngest species on the planet, the amount of damage we have done is not sustainable. In an industry that typically contributes to the planet’s degradation with harmful chemicals, we stand out by providing smart choices. We believe that we are making the earth cleaner with every job that we handle. Environmentally-friendly choices just feel good, and that’s why we offer those choices for your cleaning and restoration needs. So many companies make claims of sustainability that it’s hard for consumers to find and make good choices. When you come to us with a cleaning or restoration need, we show you the product choices available to you and it’s clear that you can restore your property and feel good about it at the same time. We offer 24/7 emergency service, EPA registered products and hospital-grade disinfectants. Not only do we provide green solutions for you, but we use renewable energy in the course of the work we do, from electricity to heating and cooling. We also understand that you want your issues addressed quickly when you’re contacting a restoration company, and you want your work done correctly. We’ll help you with the best services and a friendly team of experts. We’ll also work with your insurance provider and can bill them directly to save you time. When you choose us, you join a movement. Change begins with green choices.

Everything we do is with the environment in mind
Earth has been around for 4.6 billion years, but in the past 100 years, human beings have caused a great deal of damage. Green Restoration is doing our part to ‘right the wrong’ and reverse this path of destruction. You can feel confident that your property will be cleaned and restored in the greenest, most professional way possible.  Our technicians are certified by IICRC (Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification). To learn more about our full scope of services, please explore our ‘services’ tab or call us at 833-8000-GRG, and remember our motto: Restore and Clean While Staying Green®.  Some companies help a property but hurt the environment in the process. They think that restoration methods and materials can’t be potent and green at the same time. But at Green Restoration, we emphasize eco-friendliness in all of our services, whether we’re restoring a property from damage, eliminating chemical odors, remediating mold, disinfecting and sanitizing, and have the equipment and know-how to handle all of these tasks and more.
You Can Count on Us
We offer reliable, fast and cost-effective damage restoration, cleaning solutions and help with your insurance claims should the need arise.

With over 30 years of combined experience in the cleaning and restoration industry, we have the knowledge and ability to efficiently take care of the most challenging projects – and most importantly – we do this in an environmentally safe way by using plant-based, non-toxic, and biodegradable products, as well as recycled, biodegradable, and compostable supplies. Green Restoration is a team of eco-conscious professionals and experts. We offer reliable, fast and cost-effective solutions. We pledged to stay ‘green’ on the very first day we opened our doors, and have never wavered on our commitment! With fully electric or hybrid and biofuel vehicles and equipment, we take care of you and the environment.

In light of the recent Covid-19 outbreak, we wanted to let you know the measures we are taking to ensure the health and safety of our customers and employees.