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A small “accident” from your pet can leave unpleasant odors that are not only a nuisance but can damage your belongings and trigger asthma or allergy attacks. Lingering odors from animal fur or waste can make you embarrassed to have guests over in addition to affecting you and your family’s health. Pet dandruff can get trapped in your carpet, furniture and walls, worsening allergies and causing serious health problems. To protect the quality of air in your home, it’s essential that you use a professional animal odor removal service.

Why GRG?

As experts in home restoration services, we use cutting-edge green products and industrial-grade equipment to treat your home or property carefully, without putting you, your loved ones or your pets at risk. We will tackle the unpleasant animal odors and sanitize your property with non-toxic products, safe to use around animals and small children, to give you back the fresh, clean air you deserve.

What to Expect?

Most people don’t notice they’re dealing with animal odors until they go away for a while. Over 40 million Americans suffer from allergies, and a huge proportion of those is due to pet dandruff or animal-related allergens lingering inside your home. As soon as you get in touch with us, our team will provide you with a premier, reliable and timely animal odor removal service which eliminates the unpleasant and potentially harmful odors at the source while protecting your, your family’s and your pet’s health. We rely on cutting-edge technology and powerful, green products to sanitize your property and handle any sort of animal odor, including fur, pet dander or urine. GRG’s speedy animal odor removal services will address your specifics needs and get you back in your home in no time!

Why Choose Green Restoration Group for animal odor removal?

GRG is a full service licensed and insured odor removal company servicing Stamford, Connecticut and neaby towns for many years. We are experienced in all kind of odors removal such as smoke odor, animal odor, chemical odor, urine odor and helped hundreds of residential and commercial clients. We are known as one of the most reliable odor removal companies in Stamford, CT.

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