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CRAWL SPACE INSULATION IN CONNECTICUT AND NEW YORK Updating Your Insulation in Hard-To-Reach Places.Through intensive training, our team at Crawl Space Cleaning Pros is prepared to handle every aspect of your crawl space insulation needs. Our ability to provide quality insulation service has earned us the Angie’s List Super Service Award for three years running. In addition, we offer cleaning and installation of more environmentally friendly materials as well!

Removal with care:

When removing insulation from your home, we take great care in minimizing the drifting of dust or debris into your home. We put down drop cloths and plastic over every area of your home that may be affected by the insulation removal process. After thoroughly masking off your home our installers will completely clean out and hall away all construction debris, old insulation, vapor barrier, rodent carcasses, and feces that are in your crawlspace. When the crawlspace is completely cleaned out our crew will seal all the air penetrations points between the conditioned and unconditioned space with low expansion foam and fog.


Proper R-value is determined by the thickness of your floor cavities. We will always completely fill each cavity from the floor to the end of the joist. The crew will also cross string the bays with nylon twine or use wood lathe to hold the insulation in place. At CSCP we only use the most sustainable and safe insulation on the market, which is why we install insulation that is held together with natural binders instead of formaldehyde.

Vapor Barrier:

There are several different vapor barrier choices. We can install a 6 mil. black or 6 mil. white and on some occasions, when necessary, our estimators will recommend a 15 mil. white vapor barrier. Landscaping stakes are used to secure the black and white 6 mil. vapor barrier to ensure it does not move. When installing 15 mil. white vapor barrier, the seams are taped and run up the wall and attached to the top seal plate, as well as taping it around the concrete pillars.

Water Mediation and Flooding:

Water and flooding can be one of the most harmful problems in your crawlspace. Often the best solution is to install a sump pump with French drains throughout your crawlspace that will flow into the sump pump. Back-flow devices are installed to keep the water from coming back into your crawlspace. The pipe is then run out of the crawlspace and into one of your exterior rain gutters.


With our energy-efficient solutions and innovative installation process, we cut down the amount of time it takes to update your crawl space. For affordable pricing and a high-quality job, call us at 800-671-9941 today. Free estimates are available!

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