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A furnace puff back is a furnace explosion that can send soot billowing throughout your home or the entire property. The puff back can cause significant damage to your property and belongings and present serious health problems to your family and loved ones. In some cases, furnace puff backs are due to a build-up in vapor which explodes upon ignition. The sooth can travel through the furnace’s exhaust system and be expelled throughout your home.A furnace puff back is more than a mere nuisance. It can contribute to significant damage to your personal affects, furniture, and home, and if the soot sets, it can cause the need for costly repairs. That’s why, in case you’re dealing with a furnace puff back, immediate action is essential.

Why GRG?

As one of the leaders in home and office restoration services, GRG can provide you with reliable, speedy and professional furnace puff back clean-up and restoration. We leverage years of experience, coupled with industrial grade equipment and deliver services carried out by trained professionals in a timely manner. We place special emphasis on the health and safety of our clients and understand that home restoration is an urgent issue, which is why we offer speedy emergency services 24/7. We also use the greenest, safest product available to clean-up and sanitize your property without putting you, your family, children or pets’ health at risk.

What to Expect?

Upon discovering a furnace puff back, get in touch with GRG. We will walk you through the process and provide you with a speedy clean-up service in due time. We will assess the damage and clean your home’s interior surfaces to ensure your property is back to its original state in no time. If the soot has caused irreparable damage to your home, we will also work with your insurance company and recommend repairs, if needed.

Our fire damage restoration and smoke mitigation services include:
  • Effective removal of Soot from any surfaces that includes brass, aluminum, chrome, marble, tile, and porcelain inside the home or building
  • Fire Damage Restoration and Cleanup
  • Complete Structural Cleaning. Cleaning of Content
  • Soot Cleaning and Smoke Removal
  • Air Duct  and content Cleaning
  • Eco-friendly way of deodorizing procedure to prevent smoke and fire odors to do any more damage to the property
  • An excellent general home reconstruction and renovation to be made by our expert team
  • High and successful Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Effective restoration of electrical service within the home or building
Why Choose Green Restoration Group for Furnace Puff Back Cleanup?

GRG is a full service licensed and insured Smoke Damage restoration company servicing Stamford, Connecticut and neaby towns for many years. We are experienced in fire and smoke damage restoration, soot and smoke clean up, odor removal for residential and commercial buildings. We are known as one of the most reliable fire damage restoration companies in Stamford, CT.

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