Green Restoration Powered by Green Energy

Flipping a light switch on and off has become part of every person’s daily routine, but we rarely think about how that single light gets powered and where that energy comes from. How far does electricity have to travel to get to that light switch? How does it get from point A to point B? And how is the electricity actually generated? 

Often times, energy is generated through the burning of fossil fuels which isn’t safe for the environment. That’s why Green Restoration turned to an alternate energy provider, Ambit Energy, who produces renewable solar energy for retail utility customers.

Ambit has Green-e Energy certified electricity rate plans which provide consumers with clean and renewable energy at an affordable cost. Choosing an energy provider that has a renewable energy plan is just one way to reduce your carbon footprint! Green Restoration has made the switch, will you? 

To see if you live in an area where you can choose your electricity provider click here.