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Killing Mold Without Killing the Environment

Most households are going to have a mold problem at some point, and if left unattended, it could result in health risks to you and your family. While there are plenty of ways to kill mold, the good you are doing for your home can sometimes be outweighed by the harm you are doing to the environment in the process. Because of this, all of Green Restoration’s mold removal and remediation tactics are done only with plant-based products. If you’re looking to tackle the mold in your home in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way, here are a few of the best methods.

Essential Oils

There are a few essential oils and extracts that have been proven to be effective for mold removal. From oregano and thyme to tea tree and grapefruit seed extracts, any of these options are entirely natural and should get rid of mold without having the toxic effects that bleach or chlorine might have. The one drawback is that some of them – especially tea tree extract – have a strong lingering smell, which might persist for a few days. If it lasts any longer, be sure to reach out to Green Restoration for odor removal services.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

An oldie, but a goodie! By mixing one part water, one part vinegar, and two parts baking soda, you will get a pasty substance that will attack mold when applied to the affected area. Allow some time for it to thoroughly dry, and then scrub it off to reveal a mold-free area! As practical as it may be, this solution is best used for smaller surface areas, meaning any larger mold-impacted areas may require professional work. It also requires a decent amount of labor, making it a job that busier folks might want to leave to a cleaning service.

Hiring a Professional

While there are a variety of DIY options that can effectively and sustainably get rid of mold, the most foolproof method is to contact a company that offers full removal and remediation of your mold. If you are a resident of Massachusetts, Connecticut, or select parts of New York, Green Restoration can provide these services to any commercial or residential property facing mold issues. Our work with mold removal, as well as our other services, is done entirely with plant-based and environmentally-friendly products, so we don’t expose your home or business – or our planet – to any harmful chemicals or toxins. 

To receive an estimate on your home’s mold removal, contact Green Restoration today!

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