While dealing with situations involving biohazards is never a fun task, it is something that residents and businesses within Orange, CT and the surrounding areas may have to deal with at some point or another. Whether you need professional cleanup of blood, chemicals, sewage, or even the remains of a person or animal, you will need biohazard services to restore and recover from such a traumatic incident to the fullest extent. Not only that, but the company you choose should be one that uses methods and products that will not further harm the environment, as many cleaning substances tend to do. 

If you are a resident of Orange, CT, or other parts of Connecticut, Massachusetts, or New York, Green Restoration is the company that checks all of these boxes for you. We know that this can be an emotional time for you, your family, or your business. Because of this, Green Restoration offers compassion as we make sure our biohazard services take care of any trace of the incident from your property.

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Why Choose Green Restoration ?

With years of experience serving Orange, CT and beyond, Green Restoration is the company you can trust when traumatic events strike and biohazard services are required. We know that the cleanup of blood, chemicals, and other hazardous substances is both dangerous and unsettling for some, which is why we take care of the dirty work so that you don’t have to expose yourself to biohazards. 

Our commitment to green products and environmentally-friendly methods makes our services stand out from other competitors, with a focus on a better tomorrow for our planet being one of our goals. With Green Restoration on your side, biohazard clean up is a smoother process than if you were to handle it on your own. Give us a call today if your property has recently experienced an incident that requires our biohazard services.

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Crime Scene Cleanup Services

If your home or place of business is the site of a crime, the first thing we encourage you to do is to contact your local authorities. In instances where you need to clean up from the incident that had occurred, Green Restoration cleans anything that was left at the scene of the crime, such as blood and other bodily fluids, as well as other substances that might be harmful or toxic. Our crime scene cleanup services are offered to victims of crimes across Orange, CT and its surrounding areas – all using antimicrobial EPA registered, CDC recommended disinfectants and solutions.

Biohazard Cleanup FAQs

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If you are a resident of Orange, CT, as well as other counties in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York, Green Restoration can assist you with biohazard services no matter what the incident in question may be. To schedule your appointment with us and receive a free quote, contact Green Restoration today.

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