Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

If your business has ever experienced a fire-related issue, then you know how devastating and overwhelming it can be. Not only does it destroy expensive equipment, but it also brings down the overall productivity of your business. For this reason, it is important to have a high-quality and quick fire restoration company at your disposal. Here at Green Restoration, we provide you with exceptional services at your doorstep 24 hours a day, all year long. So, whenever disaster strikes, you no longer have to worry and simply call us to get the help you need.

Green Restoration Fire Damage Repair Service for Business

When there is a fire at an office or your business site, it is important to get fire restoration professionals at the site as soon as possible. This is very important if there is damage to walls, windows, and roofing because it will leave your business exposed to elements outside. When you ring us, we get on the scene right away!

Our licensed experts are certified and have years of experience with fire, soot, and smoke restoration. We quickly and effectively survey the site and figure out the damage caused by heat, fire, smoke, and moisture. Our skilled technicians also eliminate and identify dangerous odors, chemicals, stains, gases, and other fire damage. 

When you call us, you can be confident that your site will be cleaned thoroughly and will be safe for you and your employees to get back to in no time.

How Does Our Service Work?

At Green Restoration, we provide different restoration services. All these services are carried out with precision and perfect attention to detail. Our services include:

Our fire restoration professionals come fully equipped and are always ready to respond right away. They bring the right tools and material to deal with any size of fire damage and smoke-damaged areas present inside your commercial property.

Our service also includes proper removal and replacement of material that has been damaged by the fire directly. This helps in protecting the structural integrity of the building. Furthermore, our smoke restoration and commercial fire experts test and evaluate the damaged material, and if the material is structurally sound, we start the soot and smoke removal process. To clean these products, we use industrial-strength chemicals and HEPA vacuums.

After a thorough cleaning of exposed surfaces, our soot and smoke restoration experts will thermally fog the entire site of damage with odor-removing chemicals. This helps in making your business brand new. During such circumstances, ozone machines and HEPA air scrubbers are used as well.

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For commercial fire restoration, you need the best services at your side. We are quick and get the job done thoroughly to allow you to get your business up and running. Contact us today to get your fire restoration process started!

Frequently Asked Questions

Thorough assessment and inspection of the fire damage is an important and initial step of our restoration process. First of all, our team carefully inspects the condition of the property affected by fire and soot. Well-trained technicians examine the wiring and water damage as well. If there is any fault, it is repaired at the earliest.
Experts inspect curtains, furniture, appliances, carpet, and other objects present on the affected site. After the inspection, the team informs you of the amount of loss. They also tell you about the estimated service costs and the expected time for the entire restoration process to end. Amid all this, our workers determine the things that need repair and cleanup. The team also inspects the windows and doors; without inspection and assessment, we can’t proceed further.

The whole process includes many steps. Upon confirming the appointment, we send a group of specialists to your site, where they inspect the location and property. If the team finds it necessary, board-up and roof tarp setup can be arranged on the site.
During this step, the team also examines electric connections and sewerage lines. Experts also separate the repairable items and discard the useless ones.
Following the next step, the workers work to clean the property covered with soot and smoke. This step also includes the cleaning of the carpet, curtains, walls, floor, and ceiling. Modern equipment is used to remove soot and debris deposited on the surface of textile items, home décor, and furniture.
To remove odor from the location, each object is deodorized. Special sanitizers are also used to make the place germ-free. Workers do minor reconstruction as well, like filling the holes in the walls, fixing doors and windows, etc. Once completed, the client is asked to explore the site again for satisfaction.

Fire damage can cause you to panic, but there’s nothing to worry about. Firstly, call us to help you get things in order. Then until our team reaches your place, the following tips will help you manage the disastrous situation in a better way.
Avoid walking unnecessarily to prevent the spread of soot particles. Cover electronic and undamaged items with a piece of cloth so that they remain safe from soot.
Don’t try to fix a faulty electric circuit or gas pipeline. Also, stay away from cracked ceilings or walls. Avoid consuming food items affected by smoke or soot. Also, avoid using electric switches for charging the phones or for any other purpose.
Moreover, avoid using laundry items affected by smoke or soot. In the aftermath of extinguishing the fire, your property is most likely to be flooded with water. Don’t worry about that; we’ll handle that water for you. If your property is covered by insurance, get in touch with the company to claim it. Meanwhile, take some preventive measures to temporarily protect the house from burglars.

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