Commercial Restoration

Commercial Restoration

Green Restoration, Number 1 in Efficient & Environmentally-Friendly Storm Restoration

It can be fun to hear a thunderstorm outside from the safety of your vast commercial property, but the fun quickly turns to panic when the storm causes damage to your beloved business. Green Restoration knows there’s no time to waste, so our team is quickly on hand to restore your property and get you back on your feet after a storm. If you call (833) 800-0474 as soon as you can, you’ll quickly find our team of storm restoration experts at your front door.

Extensive Remediation for Any Storm Damage

Heavier storms such as hurricanes and tornadoes are uncommon throughout Connecticut and Westchester County, NY where Green Restoration is based, but it doesn’t mean they don’t happen.

The team of experts are trained in every facet of storm restoration and can fix your business no matter what damage it’s sustained.

They quickly arrive at your property and immediately set to work not only fixing the issue but assessing future damage and ensuring nothing else befalls your store.

Sustainable and Environmentally-Friendly

Green Restoration uses a wide variety of environmentally-friendly tools to restore your property, so you can be confident no further harm is being done to the planet through our remediation work.

We use renewable energy when working, everything from electricity to cooling. Any high-powered fans used to dehumidify water damage won’t cause your hydro bills to soar during an already stressful time and any products used are plant-based and 100% biodegradable.

Any environment-friendly products needed during the storm restoration effort are EPA registered.

Change for a better and brighter future begins with choices both big and small, from who you choose to remediate any damage to which technologies we use.

One Business to Another

As business owners, we know how stressful it is to see something you’ve worked so hard on come to a halt due to damage of any kind.

We work hard to ensure you don’t stress during the restoration process. We work directly with your insurance carrier and bill them so you’re not bogged down with bills and worrying about money.

The last thing we want to do is cause more harm while restoring your business to its ideal condition.

You can be confident you’ve contracted the best when you contact Green Restoration at (833) 800-0474.

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