Crime and Trauma Scene Cleaning
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Crime and Trauma Scene Cleaning

Crime and trauma scene cleanup is not a service that anyone ever wants to think about needing. However, when tragic or violent events occur, these services become essential. And yet, many property owners don’t have a plan in mind for how they should respond to such events. Most of us know, for instance, how we should respond with storm restoration to storm damages, but far fewer people are aware of the proper procedures for restoring a property after crime or trauma. Our team at Green Restoration wants you to know the facts about crime scene cleanup so you can be ready to respond to these unfortunate situations.

Crime Scene Hazards

Crime scenes can cause manifold issues to both your property and the health of the people on the property. Blood and other biohazards can spread biological pathogens if people come into contact with these substances without professional gear; that’s why it’s essential to have professional services with proper protective gear to address these issues.

Decomposition is another unfortunate component of many crime and trauma scenes. Aside from the associated health risks, the odor of decomposition can make an entire property unpleasant or even impossible for human habitation. Furthermore, decomposition, if left unchecked, can cause lasting damage to floors, carpets, or upholstery. Intensive clearing is necessary to eliminate decomposition odor and minimize trauma-related property damage.

The Difference a Team of Professionals Can Make

Experiencing an incident of violent crime or tragedy on your property can be overwhelming and traumatizing. It can be difficult to know how to respond, or who to contact. Fortunately, restoration services like storm restoration businesses often offer crime scene restoration help as well. That’s where our team at Green Restoration can help you.

Green Restoration’s crime scene cleanup services can give you peace of mind when trauma strikes. Crime scene cleanup requires extensive deep-cleaning and biohazard disposal; our experts have the experience, knowledge, and equipment necessary to provide top-quality services.

How Do I Pay For Crime Scene Cleanup?

Because these processes require so much specialized equipment and know-how, some crime scene cleanup services can end up being pricey. However, it’s important to remember that, like storm restoration or other restorative services, crime scene cleanup is often covered by insurance. At Green Restoration, we are proud to work with most major insurance providers. To get top-tier, well-insured trauma cleaning servicing for your property, call (833) 800-0474 today.

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If you are a resident of Connecticut or Westchester County, New York, Green Restoration can assist you with biohazard services no matter what the incident in question may be. To schedule your appointment with us and receive a free quote, contact Green Restoration today.

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