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COVID-19 Preventative and Confirmed Disinfecting and SanitizingServices

When you consider how quickly certain diseases can spread – especially in the age of Coronavirus – you may be concerned that your business or residential property may be infected. You can use traditional methods of cleaning to try to get rid of the germs and prevent them from spreading further, but common household cleaners don’t always kill 100% of the bacteria and viral agents. The products you are using may also end up causing significant harm to the environment, giving off pollutants that hurt our planet.

For sanitization services that kill more germs than typical household cleaners, while also keeping the environment safe, you need antimicrobial disinfection services from Green Restoration. From Orange, CT to various parts of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York, we use antimicrobial EPA registered, CDC recommended disinfectants and solutions to make sure your home, office, or any other location is free of germs, viruses and bacteria.

Green Restoration offers multiple options when it comes to disinfection services. All products that we use are antimicrobial EPA registered, CDC recommended disinfectants and solutions. We have Eco Friendly Products that are recommended by EPA against COVID-19.

Green Restoration’s 5 Steps of Disinfecting and Sanitizing
Evaluate the Scene

First we evaluate the situation of the property, adhering to OSHA’s hazard and IICRC standards.

Prepare and Secure

We minimize the risk of cross-contamination by isolating the affected area from the rest of the structure. All Green Restorations  Employees wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) include safety glasses , gloves, respirators, HAZMAT suits.

Remove All Traces

Detailed hand cleaning, disinfection and sanitizing common touch-points and surfaces with EPA registered, hospital grade disinfectants that kills 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, fungi and germs. 

Disinfect and deodorize the Area

After removal our team disinfect, and deodorize affected surfaces using ULV cold fogger with an antimicrobial agent to sanitize and disinfect areas & assist in reducing airborne spore levels with hospital grade, EPA registered disinfectant. 

Double-Checking Our Work

ATP testing is a type of fast, effective testing method that’s used to quickly determine the sanitation of the surfaces. ATP, an indicator of biological residues that can be easily detected to measure cleanliness because effective cleaning and sanitation remove all ATP from surfaces, Enable rapid detection of microbial residue. 

COVID-19 Preventative and Confirmed Disinfecting and Sanitizing to Prevent the Spread of the Viruses, Bacteria and Germs.
Commercial and Residential.

During this time of uncertainty, our teams are working and available to handle disinfecting cleanings of your homes or businesses. We have the following options available :




How Do Green Restoration's Infectious Disease Disinfection and Cleaning Services Work?

Our disinfection and cleaning services are set up to provide safe and synergistic cleaning. Our processes include the disinfection and removal of hazardous contaminants, ensuring our disinfection and cleaning methods are much more effective than regular maid cleaning methods.

  • Treatment of all direct and most indirect reachable surfaces of buildings
  • Disinfection of affected equipment, disinfection of (HVAC)systems
  • Fogging to eliminate airborne viruses and bacteria

These services help:

  • Reduce the risk of infection or illness
  • Reduce the risk of cross-contamination
  • Reduce operations downtime

Treatment Preparation Steps

-Remove any materials that could be damaged by moisture in the treatment area
-All food items MUST be removed from areas to be treated.
-Food containers and utensils should be stored away in cupboards or drawers.
-All pets need to be removed from the disinfectant area.

Post Treatment Steps

Apart from enjoying peace of mind for you and your staff, the following quick housekeeping tips should be noted for
continued success between disinfection services
-Any moisture remaining should be dried with a paper towel then disposed of.
-Rinse any food/drinking containers before use if they were left in exposed areas.
-Rinse all food prep surfaces with clean water


Ways You Can Slow the Spread of COVID-19

Although the virus has slowed enough for many businesses to open back up, this isn’t the time to decrease your own safety precautions. You should still be following the CDC’s guidelines for slowing the spread of the virus including:

  • Washing your hands frequently
  • Staying six-feet apart from others
  • Keeping your nose and mouth covered with a face mask
  • Covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze
  • Cleaning and disinfecting frequently-touched surfaces every day
  • Encouraging your employees to stay home if they’re not feeling well

Business and Home Disinfection Services

Antimicrobial disinfection services come in handy if you or someone in your home has recently been sick and may have left lingering traces of contagions across your home. Our house sanitizing services are done with both the health of your family and the planet in mind. 

Our commitment to green products in our home sanitizing services in Orange, CT and beyond is unlike that of any other restoration company. Just as you can get sick from exposure to bacteria and viral agents, the planet can get “sick” from harmful toxins and pollutants that enter the air through everyday household cleaning products. With that said, the most effective method of keeping your residential property clean is relying on the antimicrobial EPA registered, CDC recommended disinfectants and solution services provided by Green Restoration.

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Reopening Disinfection and Cleaning

With so many people coming and going at any given time, public places become breeding grounds for germs and bacteria to build up. This unfortunate reality makes antimicrobial disinfection services across Orange, CT and other surrounding cities a necessity. Thanks to Green Restoration’s sanitization services, we can help with any business venue, including disinfection services for:
  • Offices
  • Resturants
  • Shopping Malls
  • Gas Stations
  • Gyms
  • Churches
  • Government Buildings
  • And Many More!
Best yet, all of our commercial facility disinfection procedures are done using all green products and methods!

Gym Disinfection

With multiple people using the same equipment, having a service that specializes in gym disinfection can help remove harmful microorganisms much more adequately than merely trusting users to thoroughly wipe down the machines and weights that they are using. Green Restoration proudly serves any gym in the Orange, CT area and beyond.

Church Disinfection

Think about how many different people are sitting in the same seats every week, between multiple services and activities. Church disinfection – and disinfection for any other place of worship – is always done thoroughly and with an emphasis on protecting the planet when Green Restoration handles the job.

Government Building Disinfection

Government buildings welcome hundreds of thousands of different people for various reasons, which means that germs and infections are sure to build up. To keep those working for a state, county, municipality, or another level of our government safe, turn to the government building disinfection services that Green Restoration offers.

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To prevent the spread of viral and bacterial illness, Green Restoration can take care of any lingering microorganisms while keeping the planet safe in the process. From house sanitizing services to restaurants, shopping malls, gas stations, and offices that need disinfection services, we have everyone in Orange, CT, as well as other parts of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York covered. For a free estimate on our services, contact us today!

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In light of the recent Covid-19 outbreak, we wanted to let you know the measures we are taking to ensure the health and safety of our customers and employees.