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Drapes and Blinds Cleaning

When drapes and blinds become severely damaged, professional interventions can be necessary in order to restore property damage and promote the future health of property occupants. Whether you’re addressing biohazards, crime scene cleanup, or storm restoration, drapes and blind cleaning is likely to be a key component of your property’s recovery process. Here’s what you need to know:

Drape and Blind Damages

Drapes and blinds can hold onto lots of different materials which can be damaging to properties or even human health. In biohazard cleanup situations, the soft fabric of blinds and drapes can cling to harmful pathogens that can then multiply and circulate through the air. Drapes and blinds can also easily host allergens that can damage health, or breed harmful molds and mildews in water-damage situations.

When you think you might have severe damage to drapes and blinds that could create health hazards, the team of experts at Green Restoration can help to evaluate your upholstery damage so you can file a successful insurance claim and restore your property quickly with top quality services.

Professional Cleaning for Drapes and Blinds

A team of professional upholstery deep cleaners will have the necessary tools and know how to restore drapes and blinds safely after disaster strikes. Remove unsightly staining and damaging while also eliminating harmful allergens and pathogens with the help of a professional service.

A team of professionals can assess damage and then make sure to provide exactly the right services for you. Some damage to drape and blinds is more extensive than others; only the experts can tell you the level of service that you need.

What Green Restoration Can Do For You

At Green Restoration, we are proud to offer expert cleaning services no matter what a customer’s needs or damages. Whether you need storm restoration services, crime scene cleanup, or allergen removal, we have the tools and the experience you need to make your drapes and blinds beautiful and safe again.

We always make sure that open and fluid communication is our top priority; that’s why we communicate with insurers and clients through every phase of the claims and restoration process. You will always be in the loop and never be surprised by billing when you work with us. Fully restored drapes and blinds are just a phone call away. Call (833) 800-0474 to schedule drape and blinds cleaning today.

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