Fire Damage Restoration
Commercial and Residential Fire Damage Restoration

Sustainable and Innovative Technologies

We use sustainable and innovative technologies to restore your commercial or residential property. Most of our products are environmental friendly and biodegradable.

A fire in your home can do more than scare you or put your family members’ lives in danger. Fire damage can lead to the complete destruction of the building and your personal belongings within mere minutes. Even if the building survives the fire, the lingering smell can destroy your furniture, the sprinklers might cause water damage, and the residue and soot from the smoke may continue to present a serious health risk. The damage a fire causes to your home or office is not just disruptive but devastating, which is why immediate cleanup and restoration are of the essence.

Why Green Restoration?

At Green Restoration, we are experts at providing our clients with a speedy and reliable response in case of fire damage. Our goal is to minimize your loss and restore your home and peace of mind in no time. Our teams will work to ensure that you and your family are safe, protect your belongings and personal assets, and minimize the extent of the fire damage. We use state-of-the-art equipment to protect your building or home from further damage and rely on cutting-edge, green products for an environmentally safe restoration, removing soot and debris and avoiding putting your family at further risk. To ensure your home is restored and to minimize the extent of the fire damage, Green Restoration provides fast and professional cleanup in all of Connecticut and Westchester County coupled with temporary electrical service if needed.

As a Full-service Fire Damage Restoration Company

Green Restoration is able to offer a multitude of fire damage restoration services such as: Content Cleaning Board-Up Services When fire damage happens, let your local Green Restoration protect your home or business. Call 833-8000-474 for your free virtual or contact-less quote and inspection.

Our Fire Damage Restoration and Smoke Mitigation Services Include:

  1. Effective removal of soot from any surface, including brass, aluminum, chrome, marble, tile, and porcelain inside the home or building
  2. Complete structural cleaning and cleaning of content
  3. Soot damage cleaning and smoke removal
  4. Air duct cleaning
  5. Eco-friendly deodorizing procedures to prevent smoke and fire odors from doing any more damage to the property
  6. An excellent general home reconstruction and renovation to be made by our expert team
  7. Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  8. Effective restoration of electrical service within the home or buildingoreline, coupled with temporary electrical service if needed.

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