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Flood Damage

Green Restoration, the Easiest, Cleanest, Greenest Way to Remediate Flood Damage

Damage from flooding is one of the worst things which can happen to your house, but Green Restoration can turn your nightmare into an environmentally-friendly dream. Some of the causes of home flooding include heavy rains, broken pipes, faulty foundations, draining system issues, water feature failures and more. We specialize in a rapid response to any problem and will quickly and professionally extract all the remaining water, sanitize the affected area and restore your property to its originally great condition. Call (833) 800-0474 once any flooding damage is noticed and we’ll be there quickly to help fix the problem and prevent further issues.

Extensive and Thorough Remediation Services

Our team at Green Restoration, based throughout Connecticut and Westchester County, NY, will quickly arrive at your property, assess the flood damage and contain the water to prevent any further issues.

Every job performed by Green Restoration complies with strict IICRC standards, so you can relax knowing your flooding damage problem is left in professional and experienced hands.

You can expect your home to be returned to you in pristine-or-better condition after suffering flooding damage. We will even provide ongoing support for projects covered by insurance and provide billing directly to the carrier.

Sustainable and Environmentally-Friendly

Whereas some companies will use harmful chemicals or solutions to get rid of the problem, we believe in tackling it the safest way possible. When you hire Green Restoration to fix any flood damage, you can be confident further harm to the planet isn’t being done through our remediation work.

We use environmentally-friendly and sustainable cleaning methods to repair any flood damage. All of our products EPA registered and leave your home feeling fresher and more natural than before the flood damage even happened.

We also use renewable energy when working, everything from electricity to cooling, so you can feel safe knowing we’re tackling more than just the future of your home. Our high-powered fans to dehumidify any areas affected by flooding won’t cause your hydro bills to soar while we work quickly and professionally inside your home.

Change for a better and brighter future begins with choices both big and small, from who you choose to remediate your flood damage to which technologies we use.

The Family Guarantee

As homeowners with families, we understand how upsetting and inconvenient flood damage is. At Green Restoration, we’re committed to repairing every issue no matter how big or small to ensure your family is comfortable and all your possessions are safe. We can be reached as soon as disaster strikes at (833) 800-0474 for any and all flood damage.

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