Flooding Caused by Heavy Rains
Commercial and Residential Storm and Flood Damage Restoration

Flooding Caused by Heavy Rains

When natural disaster strikes, properties become vulnerable to a wide variety of different damage risks. Storms can damage power lines, fences, and even roofs with their powerful winds. While these forms of damage might be more noticeable and dramatic, one of the most insidious and harmful forms of storm damage is actually the flooding caused by heavy rains. Flood damage can cause immense and possibly permanent property damage. Therefore, any proper storm restoration process needs to take flood damage repair seriously. Here’s what you need to know about flood damage storm restoration and the services we offer at Green Restoration.

The Risks Of Flood Damage

Flood damage can wreak havoc on a property. Flooding damage falls into the third category of property water damage known as “blackwater damage,” and is the most hazardous form of water damage that a property can possibly experience. Flood waters can destroy flooring, or carpet, and upholstery, and any form of “blackwater” also carries with it the risk for spreading disease.

If left unchecked, water damage can be hazardous not only to the value of your property, but to the health of the people that live there. Without proper drainage and drying, the water left from storm damage can create harmful molds that lead to respiratory or even neurological issues. It’s not worth it to take the risk with water damage from heavy flooding.

How To Recover From Flood Damage

When heavy rain creates flooding, professional storm restoration intervention is an absolute necessity. Recovering from blackwater damage means removing items from your property for comprehensive drying, dehumidifying, and disinfecting. Only the professionals can provide the supplies to perform these crucial procedures correctly.

To help your property fully recover from flood damage, restoration professionals will first pump excess water from the property with a vacuuming system before drying and dehumidifying the space thoroughly. Then, the team will move on to disinfection and restoration to make your property safe, clean, and good-as-new.

Find Flood Damage Solutions Today

Green Restoration’s team of experts represent years of experience in storm restoration and flood damage recovery. We have the gear, the skills, and the knowledge to restore your property with top-quality services. We are happy to work with most insurance providers who cover flooding; we bill insurance providers directly to give you peace-of-mind as you recover from disaster. If your property is experiencing flood damage caused by heavy rains, then get on the road to recovery today by calling Green Restoration at (833) 800-0474.

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