Hail and Wind Damage
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Hail and Wind Damage

Green Restoration, the Easiest, Cleanest, Greenest Way to Remediate Hail and Wind Damage

Damage from hail and wind storms can devastate your house and tear through your property, but Green Restoration is there to patch up any holes and repair your home with safe and environmentally-friendly methods. Hail can land with enough force to shatter windows and rip canvas coverings, while wind can bring down heavy branches onto your room and yard. We specialize in storm restoration and will rapidly respond to any issue, no matter the size. Our team will quickly and professionally remove any debris knocked down by a wind storm without causing more damage and return your property to its original condition. Call (833) 800-0474 as soon as you hear something hit your house. We’ll be there quickly to fix your problem and most importantly prevent any further issues.

Storm Restoration You Can Trust

Our team at Green Restoration, based through Connecticut and Westchester County, NY, will be at your house as soon as possible to assess any storm damage. This includes inspecting trees to see if further falls are possible.

Every job performed by Green Restoration complies with strict IICRC standards, so you can relax knowing the storm restoration project is being handled by professional and experienced hands.

Your home will be returned to you in pristine-or better condition after a storm. Our dedication to storm restoration includes ongoing support for projects covered by insurance, billed directly to the carrier. We’ll be open and transparent about all the work being done during the restoration process, to prevent any complications or surprises.

Going Green When Saving Trees

All of Green Restoration’s methods are environmentally-friendly and won’t cause any further damage to the environment.

We use renewable energy when working, everything from electricity to cooling, so you can feel safe knowing we’re tackling more than just the future of your home. These sustainable techniques ensure your bills don’t rise dramatically while we work quickly and professionally.

Change for a better and more sustainable future beings with every decision we make, even on projects caused by Mother Nature herself.

The Family Guarantee

As homeowners with families, we understand how upsetting and inconvenient flood damage is.

As homeowners based in Connecticut and Westchester County, NY, we know how aggravating an extensive storm restoration project can be. We’ll work quickly and efficiently to remove all the debris and ensure no further damage will befall your home during the next storm. We can be reached as soon as disaster strikes at (833) 800-0474 for any and all storm damage concerns.

If A Tree Does Fall On Your Home, Make Sure To Follow These Steps:

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