Hurricane Damage
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Hurricane Damage

Storm Restoration for Any Gale Force Winds

Hurricanes can decimate more than just your house. They destroy property, upheave your hard work and can set home-based businesses or rural efforts back months, sometimes even years. Green Restoration, based throughout Connecticut and Westchester County, NY, knows these rare but powerful storms can upset your entire livelihood. We are specialists in rapidly responding to any crisis and can restore your property after a hurricane almost as fast as the storm itself. Call (833) 800-0474 as soon as you feel it’s safe to come outside after a serious storm and we’ll quickly arrive to fix any problem.

Extensive and Thorough Storm Restoration Services

Our team at Green Restoration will arrive as soon as it’s safe and quickly assess your damage. This includes studying trees for any future falls, analyzing the foundation and condition of your house and investigating deep issues caused in the structural stability of your land.

The two largest concerns after a hurricane rolls through are flood damage and fallen branches. We quickly contain the remaining water to prevent any further issues and remove branches which have fallen or are at risk of falling.

Every job performed by Green Restoration complies with strict IICRC standards, so you can relax knowing your flooding damage problem is left in professional and experienced hands.

Dealing with the aftermath of a hurricane and damage to your home is stressful, so we work to make the process as simple as possible. We work directly with your insurance provider and bill directly. We’ll even provide ongoing support for projects covered by insurance.

Environmentally-Friendly Solutions

When restoring your home after a storm, we use only the safest and most environmentally-friendly cleaning methods to repair any damage, especially flooding to your home. Our products are EPA registered and leave your home feeling fresher and more natural than before.

When removing branches and heavy items, we use renewable energy to power our equipment. You can feel safe knowing we’re tackling more than just the issues at your property, we’re tackling the issue of climate change and environmentalism with every project we undertake.

Community Driven Restoration Services

Green Restoration is committed to repairing every issue you have after a hurricane, no matter the size. Your family feeling comfortable is our number one priority during any storm restoration project.

Call (833) 800-0474 as soon as you’ve noticed any damage after a hurricane arrives and we’ll be there quickly to handle any damage.

If A Tree Does Fall On Your Home, Make Sure To Follow These Steps:

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