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Kitchen Fire

Your kitchen is the place where you improve your cooking skills and prepare delicious food for your loved ones. It is the place where everyone bonds together, which is why fire damage can be a devastating incident, which causes massive damage to your beautiful kitchen. Even a small fire can be quite devastating!

Causes of Kitchen Fire

A kitchen fire can start for a number of reasons. For instance, sometimes, you might leave the flame knob unknowingly turned on. After a few hours, when you bring the lighter close to the already-opened flame, the fire blazes suddenly and damages the objects nearby.

Inadequate ventilation also promotes the chances of a kitchen fire. A defective stove or cooking furnace can also lead to a kitchen fire. Sometimes, a small fire turns out to be a big disaster. In short, fire can be devastating, and cleaning up the aftermath can be a hassle. This is where we come in!

From cleaning soot aftermath to repairing electric wiring to cleaning duct passage, we do everything required to recover the condition of your kitchen.

Why Choose Us?

Our experts use modern equipment to ensure quick recovery from the damage. Moreover, we closely work with insurance carriers to make it convenient for homeowners to handle the insurance process.

We hire well-trained and hard-working staff who know how to manage the incident of the worst kind and clean up all the mess quickly and efficiently. Our technicians hold a certificate from the Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. Our skilled workers use advanced equipment, assess the working of the stove while analyzing all the possible causes of the incident, and clean-up thoroughly.

We use the latest, high-quality equipment for the cleanup. Not just that, but we make sure our experts use only EPA-registered products. We use hospital-grade disinfectants that are absolutely effective and environment-friendly.

How to Keep Yourself Safe

Kitchen fire not only puts human lives in danger but also causes damage to the property. Once the fire is put out, you shouldn’t touch anything and wait for us to arrive. Until then:

  1. Try to avoid walking over the floor or carpet with bare feet. Otherwise, your feet will spread soot and make the kitchen’s condition worse.
  2. The smoke left in the aftermath of a fire can suffocate you. Improve ventilation by opening windows and doors. Also, avoid staying in the kitchen unnecessarily.
  3. Don’t try to repair electric connections and gas pipelines. Also, don’t try to unclog the duct passage or chimney.
  4. Soot particles are very hazardous for the skin. So, avoid touching kitchen appliances and anything covered with soot. If it’s very important, use gloves to hold soot-affected items.
  5. Don’t use food items affected by soot residue.
  6. Wipe the cabinets and drawers with disinfectants before accessing them. Doing so will keep you and your loved ones safe from germs.

Call us instantly!

Facing a kitchen fire is devastating, and cleaning it can be a bigger hassle. Our experts will not only assess the damage thoroughly but also ensure to control and recover the disaster as much as possible. So, you don’t have to worry about anything, let us handle it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Thorough assessment and inspection of the fire damage is an important and initial step of our restoration process. First of all, our team carefully inspects the condition of the property affected by fire and soot. Well-trained technicians examine the wiring and water damage as well. If there is any fault, it is repaired at the earliest.
Experts inspect curtains, furniture, appliances, carpet, and other objects present on the affected site. After the inspection, the team informs you of the amount of loss. They also tell you about the estimated service costs and the expected time for the entire restoration process to end. Amid all this, our workers determine the things that need repair and cleanup. The team also inspects the windows and doors; without inspection and assessment, we can’t proceed further.

The whole process includes many steps. Upon confirming the appointment, we send a group of specialists to your site, where they inspect the location and property. If the team finds it necessary, board-up and roof tarp setup can be arranged on the site.
During this step, the team also examines electric connections and sewerage lines. Experts also separate the repairable items and discard the useless ones.
Following the next step, the workers work to clean the property covered with soot and smoke. This step also includes the cleaning of the carpet, curtains, walls, floor, and ceiling. Modern equipment is used to remove soot and debris deposited on the surface of textile items, home décor, and furniture.
To remove odor from the location, each object is deodorized. Special sanitizers are also used to make the place germ-free. Workers do minor reconstruction as well, like filling the holes in the walls, fixing doors and windows, etc. Once completed, the client is asked to explore the site again for satisfaction.

Fire damage can cause you to panic, but there’s nothing to worry about. Firstly, call us to help you get things in order. Then until our team reaches your place, the following tips will help you manage the disastrous situation in a better way.
Avoid walking unnecessarily to prevent the spread of soot particles. Cover electronic and undamaged items with a piece of cloth so that they remain safe from soot.
Don’t try to fix a faulty electric circuit or gas pipeline. Also, stay away from cracked ceilings or walls. Avoid consuming food items affected by smoke or soot. Also, avoid using electric switches for charging the phones or for any other purpose.
Moreover, avoid using laundry items affected by smoke or soot. In the aftermath of extinguishing the fire, your property is most likely to be flooded with water. Don’t worry about that; we’ll handle that water for you. If your property is covered by insurance, get in touch with the company to claim it. Meanwhile, take some preventive measures to temporarily protect the house from burglars.

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