Mold Remediation

Commercial and Residential Mold Removal andRemediation Services

Whether it’s in the aftermath of severe a burst pipe, storm or flood damage,  or the result of a seemingly minor leakage problem, mold infestations can be highly hazardous to your home environment potentially exposing you and your loved ones to severe illnesses.

At Green Restoration, our crew is committed to providing extremely thorough and professional mold removal and remediation services to keep you and your family safe from harm’s way. Helping you restore your home back to its original state and perhaps  making a few improvements along the way is our mission. We accomplish all this without harming your home’s natural environment or nature itself. We provide eco-friendly services from the Berkshires to the Connecticut Shoreline, with a service area including Worcester County, Hampden County, and many other areas.  

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Expert Mold Removal & Remediation— the Green Way​

At Green Restoration, headquartered in New Haven County, we do more than just make sure your home 100% free of harmful molds. We do so in an environmentally friendly way by using plant-based, non-toxic, and biodegradable products, as well as recycled, biodegradable, and compostable supplies. We have even invested in hybrid and electric vehicles. Having pledged to stay “green” from the first day we opened our doors we do everything we can to improve and reduce our effect on the environment. Those in Berkshire County know that we have never wavered in our commitment! 

With vehicles and equipment that are fully electric, hybrid, or biofuel powered vehicles, to get our teams where they need to go so we can take care of you, your family, and the environment, as we have done for countless families in the Hampshire County area.

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Bathroom Mold Issues

Even seemingly benign forms of bathroom mold can be hazardous to your health. Mold can occur even if you haven’t had any major pipe breaks or floods because even poor ventilation or excessive humidity can trap enough moisture to cause mold. Although their toxic levels can vary, almost all bathroom and shower molds put your health at risk and ought to be removed as quickly as possible. Mold can negatively affect your breathing, irritate one’s mucous membranes, suppress the immune system, and can cause excessive sneezing, coughing, and headaches.

Mildew Cleanup

We deal with more than just the most severe manifestations of mold; we handle everyday mildew as well! Whether you have mildew issues due to basement leaks or recent flooding, our team at Green Restoration will make sure to make it as good as new!

Treatment for Black Mold

As a highly toxic kind of mold commonly found in attics, black mold releases toxic chemicals into that are then inhalable by humans. If mold develops in your air ducts, it’s especially dangerous because spores can travel through the air ducts and all throughout your home. Black mold, like all other types of mold can occur anywhere there is excess moisture. Pay special attention after pipe breaks or flooding even if they are minor as even small leaks and ventilation issues can trap enough humidity to cause mold to grow.

Black toxic mold can cause danger to human health when ingested or inhaled, with the most common symptoms and health effects associated with the respiratory system. Make sure to get in touch with our team at Green Restoration right away if you suspect the presence of black mold in your home or living space.

Content Cleaning

When mold affects your home or business’s furniture, getting it out of your property for restoration prevents it from spreading further. That is why our professional content cleaning company in Fairfield County salvages the contents of your home or office offsite, restoring your valued belongings to their original state. In addition to providing you with expert content cleaning and moss removal and remediation, Green Restoration will also work with your insurance company to evaluate any damaged items and help with the process of replacement.

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Green Restoration is committed to providing you and your community, in places like Fairfield County, Hartford County, and Litchfield County, with the mold cleanup treatment you need for a safe, clean, and healthy home. To learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Green Restoration by calling us today!

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