Residental Air Duct Cleaning

Why You Should Clean Your Air Ducts

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), you are more likely to get sick from the air in your home than from the air outside. As a matter of fact, indoor air quality has been listed as one of the top 5 health threats to families in America, and as such, it deserves your attention. Air Duct Cleaning is a major player in guaranteeing that the atmosphere in your home or office is fresh and safe. They (Air Ducts) work in sync with the HVAC system of your property and serve to circulate air round the building. As you would expect with most mediums used over time, air ducts collect dust, debris, allergens, grime and pet dander, and as a result needs to be professionally cleaned for better indoor air quality.

What is Air Duct Cleaning?

Air Duct Cleaning is essentially the removal of dust, mold and other harmful contaminants from the ductwork of your heating and air conditioning system. The cleaning covers all the heating and cooling components of the air systems, that is, the heat exchangers heating and cooling coils, condensate drain pans, grilles and diffusers, the supply and return air ducts, the fan motor and fan housing, along with the air handling unit housing.

Air Duct Cleaning Process: How it is Done

A lot about Air Duct Cleaning is done to codes and standards provided by NADCA and at Green Restoration, we do not only follow these codes to the letter, we pride ourselves in going the extra mile to bring, not just professional, but also convenient service to our clients. A lot about Air Duct Cleaning is done to codes and standards provided by NADCA and at Green Restoration, we do not only follow these codes to the letter, we pride ourselves in going the extra mile to bring, not just professional, but also convenient service to our clients. The NACDA demands the following when Air Ducts are to be cleaned: 

Your home or office will be prepared for air duct cleaning, ensuring that all vents and returns are accessible. Protective flooring covers and guards will be placed where necessary.

Our technicians will carefully seal your vents and returns before the duct cleaning begins, and put your air conditioning ducts under negative pressure to maximize air flow.

We will connect a powerful vacuum device to your main trunk line, which will collect dirt, dust, mold and other contaminants that will be dislodged during the air duct cleaning.

High pressured compressed air whips will be inserted into the ductwork to dislodge the dirt and debris, which will be collected in the containment unit.

After the duct cleaning process is complete, we will seal the access hole in your main trunk line with a metal access panel, according to NADCA standards. Following the successful conclusion of the cleaning process, we customarily review the work done in order to ensure that our clients are satisfied and that our work is topnotch. 

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Air Duct Cleaning and HVAC System Efficiency

It is in your best interest and that of your air conditioning system to ensure that the air ducts of your HVAC systems are free of dirt, debris and other potentially dangerous particulate materials. Though many people are oblivious to this fact, Air Duct Cleaning and the Efficiency of your HVAC system are actually very closely related and we’ll explain. You see, the air circulated in your home is not made up of only air, along with the air are small, barely-visible particulate matter consisting of water droplets and other tiny particles. After much use, these particulates become much in the HVAC system causing it to work harder in order to push the air around your home – this extra work for your HVAC system easily translates to higher utility bills, inconsistent cooling and heating, and costly repairs that will come up when the components of the system get worn.

Why Green Restoration For Your Air Duct Cleaning

At Green Restoration we use environmental friendly and efficient solutions to clean your air ducts. Not only are we cautious of the environment we also closely follow the NADCA standards. At Green Restoration we use highly effective ways to clean your air ducts. Germicidal UV Light, Negative Air, Rotary Brushes and Electrostatic Air Filters are a few examples of our efficient solutions.

One of the highly effective ways to clean your air ducts is by use of Germicidal UV Lights. Their application is relatively easy, and their mechanism of operation is such that promises effective eradication of harmful microbial growth within the ducts of your air vents. Germicidal UV Light is installed in the HVAC system and deployed to bring about cleaner air in your home in record time. Our ready experts at Green Restoration can help you decide if UV light air cleaning is what is best for your home and after their review, they will also professionally put the lights in place. Some benefits of the Germicidal UV Lights include:

Termination of foul odors

Amplification of HVAC efficiency

Reduction of energy consumed by air conditioning systems

Indoor air quality improvements

A negative air machine makes use of ducting to rid the home of contaminated air from a sealed containment area. Its working principle is based on the response of air to pressure. The negative air machine works to collect contaminated air within a confined space by creating a negative pressure environment. The treatment air using the negative air mechanism is one of the ways to improve indoor air quality.
At Green Restoration, our technicians know all that there is to be known about Negative air, Air Scrubbers and Ducting. They are trained and experienced in delivering air cleaning services to our esteemed customers.

Another way to clean your HVAC system is by the use of a Rotary Brush. A Rotary Brush system consists of a round brush that is tethered to a long cable. A mechanic motor spins the brush in the manner of a drill, therefore, as the brush rotates within the HVAC system, it removes dirt and dust from the inside of the duct. Rotary Brushes are great in their own right, but given the limitation that they have in reaching sharp corners and bends, they do not do a highly effective service in cleaning the air ducts. Also, in using Rotary Brushes, it is a normal occurrence for it to get stuck, and when this happens, it is quite difficult to remove.

If your goal is to clear the air in your ducts and improve the efficiency of your HVAC system, then you should allow our trusted professionals here at Green Restoration, give you the service you deserve in utmost convenience.

Electrostatic air filters are the convenient improvement from the traditional air filters installed in HVAC systems. Their function is the same – to filter and improve the quality of air given off by the air conditioning system – however, they are better since they do not need to be replaced. In using Electrostatic air filters, you only need to take them out and wash them as often as once every month.

What to consider when choosing an Electrostatic Air Filter


There are two sizes to be observed on an Electrostatic Air Filter. The nominal size and the actual size. The nominal size is the approximation of the actual size to the closest inch, while almost all filters share the same nominal size, you should take note of the actual size of the air filter. Both sizes are often written on the side of the filter, if not, a tape rule would help in ascertaining their sizes. This is important because you need the right size for your furnace.

MERV Rating

MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. It is a measure of how well an air filter traps air particles. The higher the rating, the more effective the filter is. It is important to mention here that while high ratings show that an air filter works really well, it is important that the MERV rating of the air filter is 13 or less because anything higher would block air flow.
Our services at Green Restoration are better experienced than told. We are master performers in our industry, expertly trained and ready to serve.
Our Air Duct Cleaning service is second to none, and with the wide range of experts on our team, we also offer cleaning services for Dryer Vents.
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After the duct cleaning process is complete, we will seal the access hole in your main trunk line with a metal access panel, according to NADCA standards. Following the successful conclusion of the cleaning process, we customarily review the work done in order to ensure that our clients are satisfied and that our work is topnotch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NADCA or the National Air Duct Cleaners Association is a non-profit entity that was founded in 1989 to establish industry standards and encourage the source removal method of duct cleaning.
Its main goal is to publish standards for cleaning, evaluating, and safety of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) ducts.
In addition to offering multiple certifications for HVAC professionals and companies, NADCA also maintains an anti-fraud task force. It is recommended by the Division of Occupational Safety and Health of the US Department of Labor that only professionals who are NADCA members should be hired for duct cleaning.
Currently, NADCA offers professional resources, provides training courses, supports an HVAC professional locator tool, publishes standards, and more. Today NADCA has more than 1,300 HVAC cleaning member companies with at least one certified ASCS technician in their employment.

Good indoor air quality is vital for every home. It is the function of the air ducts to help regulate and transport clean and fresh air in every room of your home to ensure comfortable living. However, over time, these ducts may become filthy and cause the quality of air in your home to deteriorate, thus resulting in unhealthy living conditions for you and your family.
Air duct cleaning involves cleaning the whole duct system, including the intake, return, and supply vent with the help of professional air duct cleaning equipment. It may also include cleaning the grills, fans, registers, the HVAC unit, and, if present, the furnace. It is an essential service for homeowners as it provides a healthier living environment for your children and family.
HVAC ducts are a favorite hiding place of dirt, dust, and other allergens. Central air conditioning systems take in air from outside, thus making it easier for contaminants to sneak into your home. Consequently, cleaning the air duct is a task that should be carried out by professionals certified by NADCA.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air can be up to five times more polluted compared to outdoor air. These impurities enter your home through the air ducts, then recirculate throughout your home, thus creating a negative impact on your family’s health. Like any other HVAC system, regular maintenance can help increase the efficiency of the air ducts. Therefore, it is recommended by NADCA to get your air ducts cleaned every three to five years to ensure their optimal performance. However, if you find a buildup of mold or other pollutants that can cause allergic reactions, it is best for the health of your family to get the air ducts cleaned immediately.

The term HEPA is the short term used for high-efficiency particulate air. It is a kind of mechanical air filter that works by pushing air through a fine mesh to help trap harmful particles such as pet dander, pollen, tobacco smoke, and dust mites. HEPA filters are a vital component of any air purifier as they are able to trap 99.97% of particles with a micron size of 0.3.
The micron-size 0.3 is commonly called the MPPS by scientists. This penetrating size is the most difficult to catch as compared to larger and smaller particles. Most modern HEPA filters are designed with interlaced glass fibers that are turned and twisted to form a fibrous maze. As the particles pass through this web, methods such as sieving, direct impact, interception, and diffusion are used to remove them.

Standard air filters can easily filter large particles from the air; however, they might fail to catch some of the smaller particles. This is where electrostatic air filters come in. They effectively capture air particles by using the natural phenomenon of static electricity.
These filters work by combining polypropylene layer and filtration media and polyurethane to create friction. The positive and negative ions combine to generate a magnetic field that engages the air particles as they travel through the filtration material.
These filters are a great way to improve your indoor air quality as they can capture up to 90% of pollen, dust, bacteria, smoke, mold spores, and pet dander in the indoor air. This rate is much higher than what is captured by standard cotton-pleated or fiberglass filters.

Germicidal UV light is a disinfection method where short-wavelength ultraviolet is used to inactivate or kill microorganisms by disrupting their DNA and destroying nucleic acids, thus destroying their ability to multiply and cause diseases. This process is used in a variety of applications, including air, water, and food purification.

The average price of air duct cleaning of a normal home is between $300 and $500. However, this price is greatly influenced by various factors such as the number of ducts, their configurations, and the size of your home. The average air duct cleaning cost is $35 per vent.

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