Residential Fire Damage Restoration

Residential Fire Damage Restoration

As a house owner, experiencing a house fire is one of the most frightening and traumatizing losses to go through. Whether small or big, unexpected fire events can be devastating for your processions and property. Dealing with the mess created while extinguishing the fire on top of the damage caused by the fire itself can be overwhelming. However, you don’t have to worry. At Green Restoration, our skilled experts can take care of these things for you, and they go to great lengths to restore your valuable property.

What Are the Types of Residential Fires?

Though every fire can turn into a disaster, not all are the same. They vary in the kind of damage and solution required to fix them. Here are some of the common types of residential fires.

This type of fire results from burned food on the stove or oven. It generally leaves a strong odor with smoke residues on the counters and other items.

The burning of trees, bushes, and shrubs can result in the penetration of the smoke into your house, thereby leaving an odor and smoke residues.

The greasy yellow residue left on contents after various natural or synthetic items have burned in your home can be damaging. It requires immediate corrosion mitigation to limit further damage.

Heating appliances or malfunctioned electronics are significant fire hazards. They can cause a serious fire and smoke to spread throughout the home.

Why Residential Fire Restoration Services Are Important

Fire damages go beyond damaging the structure, and recovering from them takes time. Requesting help from a professional company is crucial for the safe and proper restoration of your property.

  1. A residential fire is a common occurrence, and experts know how to tackle the mess with minimum stress. The experience and up-to-date training with industrial-grade equipment can help restore most of your damaged processions to their pre-damaged conditions.
  2. Similarly, the residue left after the incident can be a serious health hazard. It is never encouraged to attempt to clean up the mess on your own. Only professionals facing such situations on a daily basis know how the job is done properly.

Why Choose Us?

Seeing your precious processions consumed by fire can be shocking, both economically and financially. However, an immediate restoration response can limit these financial and emotional struggles. Here’s why we are the best for the job:

Our confidence is backed by years of experience and our certified professionals. All teams have proper training and knowledge when they come to your home. They focus on restoring the damaged items to an almost-new condition. The team generally consists of:

  • Fire and smoke restoration technician

  • Odor control technician

  • Water damage restoration technician

  • Household textiles and fabric cleaning technician

We take pride in serving our customers every step of the way in order to make the entire restoration process as smooth as possible. We never compromise on quality and are dedicated to providing excellent services.

  • Available 24/7

A prompt response is a key to restoration and preventing further damage. Whether day or night, we are available to help you out whenever you need us!

  • Environment-friendly approach:

All the products used during the restoration process are completely eco-friendly and high-end.

Residential Fire Damage Restoration Process

After a residential fire, never attempt to take matters into your own hands. A trained individual can help you with restoring the damaged items in the most efficient and economical manner possible. Our residential fire damage restoration process involves:

We are always ready to help whenever you need our services. Call us, and we’ll reach your property as soon as possible.

Once the damaged property is released by the fire marshal, our team of technicians carries out a detailed inspection. The whole area is covered, and the source of fire is determined. Afterward, a detailed plan is made for the structured restoration of the property.

All the undamaged items are handpicked, and the area is cleaned. This ensures a cost-effective and successful restoration process.

Soot residue and ash can quickly deteriorate your home through corrosion and staining contents. Our team will remove all the residue and sanitize the place properly to establish a healthy environment.

Several techniques, including deodorization, thermal fogging, ozone, and encapsulation, are used for removing the lingering smoke odor after a fire.

All the affected items are carefully analyzed. With a “restore rather than replace” mentality, our experts try their best to restore your valuable belongings.

Our technicians will make all the major and minor repairs along with the replacement of carpets and appliances in your home. Once that is done, you are all ready for a normal life again.

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In case you have experienced residential fire damage and need professional help, we are just a call away. Our restoration team strives to work in a fast and efficient manner so you can trust us with your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thorough assessment and inspection of the fire damage is an important and initial step of our restoration process. First of all, our team carefully inspects the condition of the property affected by fire and soot. Well-trained technicians examine the wiring and water damage as well. If there is any fault, it is repaired at the earliest.
Experts inspect curtains, furniture, appliances, carpet, and other objects present on the affected site. After the inspection, the team informs you of the amount of loss. They also tell you about the estimated service costs and the expected time for the entire restoration process to end. Amid all this, our workers determine the things that need repair and cleanup. The team also inspects the windows and doors; without inspection and assessment, we can’t proceed further.

The whole process includes many steps. Upon confirming the appointment, we send a group of specialists to your site, where they inspect the location and property. If the team finds it necessary, board-up and roof tarp setup can be arranged on the site.
During this step, the team also examines electric connections and sewerage lines. Experts also separate the repairable items and discard the useless ones.
Following the next step, the workers work to clean the property covered with soot and smoke. This step also includes the cleaning of the carpet, curtains, walls, floor, and ceiling. Modern equipment is used to remove soot and debris deposited on the surface of textile items, home décor, and furniture.
To remove odor from the location, each object is deodorized. Special sanitizers are also used to make the place germ-free. Workers do minor reconstruction as well, like filling the holes in the walls, fixing doors and windows, etc. Once completed, the client is asked to explore the site again for satisfaction.

Fire damage can cause you to panic, but there’s nothing to worry about. Firstly, call us to help you get things in order. Then until our team reaches your place, the following tips will help you manage the disastrous situation in a better way.
Avoid walking unnecessarily to prevent the spread of soot particles. Cover electronic and undamaged items with a piece of cloth so that they remain safe from soot.
Don’t try to fix a faulty electric circuit or gas pipeline. Also, stay away from cracked ceilings or walls. Avoid consuming food items affected by smoke or soot. Also, avoid using electric switches for charging the phones or for any other purpose.
Moreover, avoid using laundry items affected by smoke or soot. In the aftermath of extinguishing the fire, your property is most likely to be flooded with water. Don’t worry about that; we’ll handle that water for you. If your property is covered by insurance, get in touch with the company to claim it. Meanwhile, take some preventive measures to temporarily protect the house from burglars.

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