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Roof Tarp Services

If your home has ever been damaged by flood, fire, vandalism, weather, or simply an accident, then you must secure it quickly and in the right way to avoid further damage. We at Green Restoration do our very best to serve you as soon as possible to keep unwanted guests and elements out.
When you opt for our roof tarp services, our team fixes up damaged doors, walls, and windows. We also offer tarping services for other damaged things around, especially your roofs. Moreover, our team boards up compromised and sensitive areas and further helps prevent damage to your housing.

When Are Roof Tarp Services Needed?

Depending on how severely your house has been damaged, you may need roof tarp services if your house has undergone the following problems:

A home that has been ravaged due to flame suffers from a compromised structure, holes, and fragile wall through the roof and ceiling. Long after the fire has been extinguished, the structural damage remains even after years until and unless it is fixed.

In cases of fire destruction, you must call emergency roof tarping services right away. This helps in preventing any additional property and destruction loss until the restoration has been completed.

Severe weather conditions lead to many different types of house damage. Strong wind can uproot trees and branches, flying them through your windows, whereas hail pellets and rain can wreak havoc on your rooftop.

Let’s not forget tornados’ ability to tear houses and rip the shingles off the ceiling. In such cases, you need to have your walls, windows, and roofs covered. This will help prevent additional damage and make sure it survives other dangerous weather conditions.

In case of flooding, the source of water plays an important part in the service you should choose. For example, if there is a leak in the house or room due to heavy rainfall, then you will need tarp service to cover it up. Similarly, a burst underground pipe or flooding caused naturally can permeate through flooring and drywall materials, destroying the integrity and structure of the walls and roof. This in turn requires board-up services right away.

How To Decide Roof Tarping Prices?

Roof tarping prices are standardized by different insurance companies and are determined while keeping in mind the following factors:

  1. The hourly rate of roof repairing companies present in the area. Hourly wages depend entirely on the area you are in. To figure the cost out on your own, you can easily search the average cost of living in the area you are in and compare it to the national average.
  2. How large the hole is and how much tarp it needs over it.
  3. How convenient it is to get access to your roof. For example, if damages are done to a roof with multiple stories, then it will be more expensive to tarp it since it’ll be harder to reach the top.
  4. If you need immediate services or after-hour services, then the tarp service will cost more. This is the common rule for almost all 24-hour emergency tarp services.
  5. The material used for the job and its cost.

Does Insurance Pay for Tarping Cost?

It is hard to know what insurance policy covers the damage caused, but sudden disasters and weather changes like a hurricane are usually covered. Once you know what your project needs, you should call your insurance company to confirm if they will pay for it.

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