Smoke and Soot Damage
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Smoke and Soot Damage

Our strategy for Soot and Smoke Damage Clean Up involves a holistic study of your property, careful mapping out of affected areas to be followed by an intrusive and thorough cleaning process. In the event of fire, the smoke and smell that follows are unmistakable, nauseating and potentially dangerous to life. If left unaddressed, your property could develop even more issues such as the corrosion and deterioration of the components within your property. It goes without saying that smoke, smell and soot brought about by a fire must be addressed by a professional and resolved completely. Cleaning a smoke damaged house is non-negotiable if you desire that you and your staff or family live in a healthy environment. Simple actions like opening a window to let out smoke or let air in can only do so much because the acidic nature of the smoke and soot can bring about serious health consequences if inhaled for long. Green Restoration has years of experience in this area, we have technicians and professionals specifically for the purpose of cleaning smoke and soot damaged properties.

Why Green Restoration?

Green Restoration is the hallmark of cleanup and restoration excellence. With a team of highly skilled technicians and updated industry practices in their command, they are able to provide environmentally friendly solutions to their clients. Our specialty in Soot and smoke damage restoration is undisputed. We have brought much needed relief and quality service to hundreds of clients through the years, availing them with a cleaner environment free of the harmful impacts the aftermath of a fire can bring. In our service, we use high-grade, industry approved materials, both in cleaning and in ensuring our services are up to standard. We will clear out the bad air, clean off the soot, replace damaged parts of your property and ultimately deliver a finish that is equal to or more than the original. Our excellence and the satisfaction of our clients speaks for us and our competence.

Green Restoration Is A Full Service Licensed and Insured Soot and Smoke Damage Removal Company

Green Restoration has serviced Connecticut and its surrounding areas for many years. We are experienced in the restoration of properties and spaces that have been damaged as a result of fire, smoke and soot. We are reliable and have helped hundreds of homeowners through the years with great success. Do you need to rid your home of Smoke and Soot related Damage? Then Green Restoration has got you covered! Call (833) 800-0474 For Your Quote and Inspection for Soot and Smoke Damage Clean Up.

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