Thunderstorms Damage
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Thunderstorms Damage

Green Restoration, the Easiest, Simplest, Safest Storm Restoration Experts

Thunderstorms are beautiful to look at but they can cause significant damage to your home and property. Green Restoration can help repair any possible damage and ensure you can continue admiring the storms without worrying about your home suffering more damage. A thunderstorm can bring hail which smashes your windows, lightning to spark any piles of dry material and high winds which can send branches tumbling down into your house. Green Restoration specializes in rapidly responding to any problem, making them the premier storm restoration company to call when a thunderstorm throws multiple problems your way. Call (833) 800-0474 as soon as you notice any damage to begin the storm restoration efforts right away.

Storm Restoration for a Safer Future

The Green Restoration team, based throughout Connecticut and Westchester County, NY, will arrive quickly at your property after being called to assess any storm damage. This includes inspecting trees to see if further falls are possible.

Every job performed by Green Restoration complies with strict IICRC standards, so you can relax knowing the storm restoration project is being handled by professional and experienced hands.

Your home will be returned to you in pristine-or better condition after a storm. Our dedication to storm restoration includes ongoing support for projects covered by insurance, billed directly to the carrier. We’ll be open and transparent about all the work being done during the restoration process, to prevent any complications or surprises.

Environmentally-Friendly Solutions

When restoring your home after a storm, we use only the safest and most environmentally-friendly cleaning methods to repair any damage, especially flooding to your home. Our products are EPA registered and leave your home feeling fresher and more natural than before.

When removing branches and heavy items, we use renewable energy to power our equipment. You can feel safe knowing we’re tackling more than just the issues at your property, we’re tackling the issue of climate change and environmentalism with every project we undertake.

Any product used to restore your home to its pristine condition are EPA certified and leave your home smelling crisp and clean.

At Green Restoration, we’re committed to fixing every problem at your home no matter the damage done or the size of the storm.

We can be reached at (833) 800-0474 as soon as disaster strikes to start restoring your property after a thunderstorm.

If A Tree Does Fall On Your Home, Make Sure To Follow These Steps:

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