Tornado Damage
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Tornado Damage

Green Restoration, the Quickest and Greenest Way to Recover After a Tornado

Just because they don’t happen often doesn’t mean you shouldn’t worry about tornados and the damage they can cause. They can take off roofs, significantly damage structures and send debris flying through your window. Green Restoration is prepared to fix any tornado-caused damage in the Connecticut and Westchester County, NY area. We specialize in storm restoration and will rapidly respond to any issue, no matter the size. Our team will quickly and professionally remove any debris knocked down by a tornado without causing more damage and return your property to its original condition. Call (833) 800-0474 once the storm has cleared to call our experienced team of storm restoration experts.

Extensive Storm Restoration Services, from F1 to F5

Though rare, when a tornado does touch down they can bring winds peaking at more than 100 mph, which will cause significant damage.

The team at Green Restoration is experienced in handling any damage caused by heavy environmental storms. We arrive quickly after the storm has passed to thoroughly assess your property and ensure no further damage is caused.

Every job performed by Green Restoration complies with strict IICRC standards, so you can relax knowing the storm restoration project is being handled by professional and experienced hands.

Your home will be returned to you in pristine-or better condition after a storm. Our dedication to storm restoration includes ongoing support for projects covered by insurance, billed directly to the carrier. We’ll be open and transparent about all the work being done during the restoration process, to prevent any complications or surprises.

Keeping the Environment Clean

Green Restoration’s team of experts work diligently to ensure their work repairing your damage doesn’t further damage the environment. All equipment uses renewable energy, so you can feel safe knowing we’re tackling more than just the issues at your property, we’re tackling the issue of climate change and environmentalism.

Any environment-friendly products needed during the storm restoration effort are EPA registered and leave your home feeling fresher and more natural than before.

Storm Restoration You Can Depend On

Our efforts to return your home to a pristine condition will leave you excited to come home every day and see the work done.

As homeowners ourselves who’ve handled difficult storms, we know storm damage can cause significant stress on a family. We pride ourselves in ensuring you are left stress and worry free.

Call (833) 800-0474 as soon as it’s safe after a tornado and we’ll be at your property shortly to restore your home to its former glory.

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