The Environmentally Friendly Way to Clean up Burst Pipe Damage

A burst pipe is scary. Not only do you have a broken pipe that needs fixing, but you likely have water all over at least one level of your home. Standing water can damage your belongings and can quickly cause mold growth and health issues for you and your family members.

Dealing with the burst pipe and water damage right away is essential but in an environmentally friendly way. While mold and bacteria can put your health at risk, so can harmful cleaning products that release toxins into the air.

Before you clean up your burst pipe damage, consider the following steps. If you are unsure how to proceed or you want to ensure your home is 100% safe, consider the use of an environmentally-friendly restoration company.

Shut off all Electrical

First, get all electrical shut off in the home. This helps prevent even further issues, such as electrocution. If you can’t safely get to the electric box, call a professional to help. Never walk in the water to get to the electrical system.

Shut off the Water

Next, you need to stop the water from flowing into your home. If you can get to the main water valve, shut it off. If you can’t get to it, call a professional that can come out quickly. The faster you get the water shut off, though, the more you can minimize the damage.

Draining the Water

After the electrical system and water are turned off, it’s time to safely drain the water. This is best left to the professionals. We use a variety of machines to properly extract the water from your home as quickly as possible. This helps minimize the risk of mold growth throughout your home. We’ll remove the water and quickly dry the area with the use of fans and dehumidifiers.

Cleansing the Home

Once the water is completely removed, it’s time to clean the area. You need to know that all bacteria and mold are completely removed from the area. Using harmful chemicals, though, will only compound the problem. We use environmentally-friendly products and methods that are easy on your health, yet effective in properly cleaning the area.

Restoring the Property

The final step is to restore the property. Whether you have damaged flooring, walls, or other areas of the home, we will use environmentally-friendly products to restore your home, making it look just like new again. Water damage happens almost instantly and becomes readily apparent on walls and floors. Even if you think the damage isn’t severe, once the water is removed, you’ll see the damage.

We guarantee that your home will be free of bacteria and mold with our environmentally friendly services. You won’t have that musty or stale smell that occurs after having water in the home even for a few hours. We work quickly and effectively to get the water out of your home right away, not giving any harmful toxins a chance to grow and cause issues in your home.

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