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Flooding caused by the toilet or sink overflow is one of the most disturbing events that can happen inside your home or office. Apart from the immediate water damage, the water coming from the toilet is often contagious and can spread harmful bacteria, which causes infections. Sink and toilet overflow are most often due to blockage of the pipes leading to the sewers, which could be due to toilet paper build-up or other causes. There are 2 main causes for toilet overflow:

  • Clogged pipe (the water and waste from the bowl goes to sewers. It may happen if you accidentally drop and flush different objects like tissue paper, tampons, toys and even cell phones. When these things does not break down in the water, it results to a clogged toilet that is prone to overflow. The water can’t go through and goes back into the surface.
  • Toilet tank malfunction- when water comes in non-stop. This may happen when the toilet tank break and water supply doesn’t shut off automatically. This may lead to a heavy indoor flood.

If not stopped and dried fast, flood caused by a toilet overflow may lead to a serious indoor water damage and destroy your floors, walls, ceilings and all personal belongings. Toilet water can leave a musty odor so professional cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing is a must after the inside area is completely dried off and cleaned.

How we work

We only use green and non-toxic cleaning and restoration products which are not only superior in terms of quality, but also protect the health and well-being of your family, and are completely safe even for small children, pets and people with sensitive skin. Our professional plumbers and technicians are hand-selected for their years of expertise, extensive training, and in-depth expertise and can provide you with an outstanding sewage clean-up service in the shortest period of time.

What to Expect

Once you get in touch with us, GRG will dispatch a team of our best plumbers and technicians to assess the damage. In case the toilet and sink overflow are caused by a clogged pipe, we will deal with the blockage ourselves, and ensure the damage doesn’t spread to other rooms. We will thoroughly clean and sanitize the place to ensure there’s no harmful bacteria, mold or mildew left behind, and dry it with industry-grade equipment to ensure it can be safely restored to its original state. Thanks to our vast experience in water damage restoration, we can also help you file an insurance claim to save you time, money and headaches.

Why choose Green Restoration Group

In case you’re dealing with a toilet and sink overflow, don’t leave things to chance. Get in touch with GRG as soon as possible to book our emergency toilet and sink overflow clean-up services. As experts with over 2 decades of experience, we specialize in providing a prompt and reliable sewage overflow clean-up service that minimizes the extent of the damage, sanitizes your place and helps you restore it back to its original state. We do so by using only high-grade, non-toxic products that are 100% safe for pets, small children and sensitive skin, coupled with industry best practices and powerful water extraction equipment.

Fully insured and has liability coverage for your protection.

Our plumbers and technicians are well-trained and have in-depth expertise about the best water damage restoration techniques.

Easy and flexible payment options. We work directly with insurance companies for claims filing.

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Sanitation and deodorization with 100% organic and non-toxic products safe for kids and animals. We use advanced restoration and cleanup equipment for mold and moisture inspection and remediation.

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