Ultrasonic Content Cleaning

Water, fire and smoke can ruin your personal belongings and property in Stamford, CT. But in many cases contents can be cleaned and restored. Green Restoration Group LLC provides comprehensive ultrasonic contents cleaning service using the best equipment and and non-toxic products and technology. Call (860) 222-9498 to request a quote.

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A flood, fire or natural disaster can leave home and property owners in shock when it comes time to see the damage and destruction that has been left behind. Where do you begin to pick up the pieces after a fire has devastated your home or a flood has left your basement submerged in water? Personal mementos, furniture, clothing, and paperwork are just some of the items that can be destroyed if swift action is not taken to restore them. When cleaning and restoring your personal belongings, time is of the essence.

How we work

Green Restoration Group understands how much your home and its contents mean to you. This is why we pride ourselves in providing quality services that restore your home in the most eco-friendly and healthy ways possible. Utilizing Ultrasonic Cleaning, we clean and restore your items to pre-damage condition. We also work with your insurance carrier to help with any items that may have suffered irreparable damage.

What to Expect

In case of a natural disaster, fire, smoke or ultrasonic content cleaning, get in touch with GRG. We will help with the mitigation process and clean up. We will take care of the transportation of your items and properly store them during the cleaning process. Then, using Ultrasonic Cleaning, we will clean and sanitize your contents while ensuring they are unharmed in the process. Items will be submerged in a large tank with liquid which is then subject to high frequency sound waves creating a gentle yet powerful scrubbing motion. Ultrasonic waves will destroy dirt particles leaving contents without any residue and free from hazardous remnants. Your contents will be returned to you in pre-damage condition so they can once again be enjoyed by you, your family and your pets.

Why choose Green Restoration Group

To prevent these and minimize the impact of toilet overflow, you need expert Ultrasonic Contents Cleaning services. GRG’s team of experienced plumbers can provide you with speedy and reliable Ultrasonic Contents Cleaning that will not only stop the flood and prevent it from spreading to other rooms inside your property but will also thoroughly clean your place and sanitize all affected areas. Green Restoration Group is a full service licensed and insured ultrasonic content cleaning restoration company servicing Stamford, Connecticut and neaby towns over last 20 years. We are known as one of the most reliable ultrasonic content cleaning restoration companies in Stamford, CT.

Fully insured and has liability coverage for your protection.

Our plumbers and technicians are well-trained and have in-depth expertise about the best ultrasonic content cleaning restoration techniques.

Easy and flexible payment options. We work directly with insurance companies for claims filing.

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Sanitation and deodorization with 100% organic and non-toxic products safe for kids and animals. We use advanced restoration and cleanup equipment for mold and moisture inspection and remediation.

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