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Whats All The Fuss About Eco-friendly Restoration?

Picture this: an act of nature has just destroyed your home. It might have been from a fire, flooding, or a coastal storm. Your priority is to take your property back, but the process can be detrimental to our environment. That may not sound like a factor to you, but in the long run, it matters. 

At Green Restoration, we are committed to the best home restoration solutions after the worst tragedies, all while keeping your family safe and protecting our planet. Even if you don’t have property damage and need renovations, you may be wondering why eco-friendly restoration matters. If so, here are some reasons to go green when looking for a restoration company.

Cleaner Paints On Your Walls

While other restoration services may use paints and stains with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), all of our materials are toxin-free. VOCs have high vapor pressures in atmospheres at room temperature and have been known to cause respiratory problems in infants and young children. 

There are already measures in place in both Massachusetts and Connecticut to regulate the amount of VOCs in the air, but we want better. That’s why we only use zero-VOC paints in your home and can strip down any of these toxic chemicals that are already present.

Chemical-Free Carpeting

Most people don’t think about what’s in their carpets and whether these materials are eco-friendly. The truth is, your carpet may be carrying hundreds of chemicals and synthetics. Polypropylene, styrene, and other synthetic toxins are often found in household carpeting, all of which are linked to nervous system issues and, in some cases, cancer. 

Using the wrong treatments in your carpet can also be dangerous, with many containing perfluorinated compounds that our atmosphere cannot break down. Every carpet we provide at Green Restoration is certifiably non-toxic and safer for you, the environment, and everybody in your home.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

We can’t kick this issue down the curb anymore; our planet is in dire straits. Scientists claim that Earth is trending away from sustainability at a rate that could make our home unlivable in the next 20-30 years. While many believe the damage we have done over the years to our atmosphere is irreversible, we still owe it to ourselves to make an effort to change this trajectory.

That’s why Green Restoration is committed to green energy and eco-friendly restoration. The need for eco-friendly repair is beyond keeping toxic chemicals out of your home. The goal is to keep toxic chemicals out of anywhere on this planet, so that we can live out our lives without fear of toxins polluting the air and threatening sustainability.

The team at Green Restoration is offering the most eco-friendly restoration tactics possible to Massachusetts and Connecticut. The hope is to remove toxins and pollutants from your home and replace them with clean and appealing alternatives. Whether your house is facing property damage or you’re looking for home renovations, contact us today for your consultation.

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