Why You Should Get Your Home’s Air Quality Inspected

Here at Green Restoration, we’re passionate about clean air inside homes and office buildings. Many variables can lead to air contamination; clogged filters in HVAC units, blocked vents, and moisture can all lead to an increase in allergens and unwanted bacteria floating in the air. 

Why Air Quality is Important

The quality of air can affect the health of the people who breathe it, for better or for worse. Mold, bacterial overgrowth, and mildew all compromise the air quality in your home, posing potentially severe health risks. Some experts estimate that indoor air quality can be up to ten times more contaminated than outside air. By investing in a professional air quality inspection, you can determine which particles or pollutants are impacting the quality of the air in your home and makes steps to purify the air as a result of this inspection.

Breathe Better-Quality Air

By employing an expert to check your indoor air quality, you’re investing not only in your own health, but the health of your family as well. If you have asthma or seasonal allergies, having a specialist make sure the air in your home is clean is all the more crucial. The technicians at Green Restoration can ensure that there is clean air flowing throughout your home. 

Odor Suppression

Bad odors are typically caused by bacteria forming in dark, damp parts of your basement, attic, or other space within your home. The bacteria is forming because of the lack of air that is going into the part of the house, as well as poor filtration. Green Restoration’s odor removal service will attack the source of these odors directly and remove them from your home, ensuring that your home is not only odor-free, but won’t be prone to re-emerging foul smells.

Dander, Dust, and Droppings

While most people only think of mold and bacteria as factors in poor air quality, there are plenty of other sources to attack! Pests such as roaches and rats are common culprits, but even your own beloved pets can give off dander and dust that can contribute to foul odors and poor air quality! If your home has been plagued by animal odors, we can help remedy the problem. The Green Restoration indoor air quality check can identify how insects and animals may be affecting the quality of the air in your home.

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